To prevent my friends and contributors from being victimized by "spambots" that harvest email addresses from webpages then add them to spam lists, I am including peoples' email addresses in a manner designed to foil the bots. When sending your email, replace "AT" with @

George Balazs (USA) itsahonuworldinhawaii "AT"
Corrie Boom (Netherlands) c.boom "AT"
Bernard Boussac (France) bboussac "AT"
Henk Koning (Netherlands) telecard "AT"
Frank Lopez (USA) balidog "AT"
Marion Hoedt (Netherlands) Marion.Hoedt "AT"
Menotti Passarella (Italy) aster_men "AT"
Don Riemer (USA) dnriemer "AT"
John Russell (New Zealand) jvrussell "AT"
Ernani Santos-Rebello (Brazil) ErnaniRebello "AT"
Robert Scott (Malta) robscott "AT"
Hendro Winatan (New Zealand) hwinatan "AT"
Albert F. Winters (Oman) fwinters "AT"